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Head stone industry into the era of creative supermarket
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Published: 2015-06-02 & nbsp; Author: China Stone Network

In order to cope with the slowdown in the domestic building materials industry in recent years, as the global stone important trading center of Nanan head, stone enterprises have in marketing innovation and integration of industry chain efforts, not only some positioning high-end enterprises to set up stone culture creative museum, Some low-end positioning of the enterprise also play the "supermarket" concept, which has become the stone industry's recent marketing highlights.
For the "world stone capital" of the town of Nanan City, the new positioning to bring new requirements, in the past to stone-related product transactions based on the development of a new way to change.
Choose from the cultural aspects, to expand the influence of the stone industry, is a good direction. At the end of last month, Yingliang stone to create the impression of the fifth stone Museum officially capped, triggering widespread concern in the industry. "Our plan is to create a comprehensive stone culture and creative park, and some time ago the capped museum is one of the important elements, in addition to the global selection center, stone culture theme hotel." Yingliang stone chairman Liu Liang told reporter.
It can be said that through this stone culture and creative park, will be able to comprehensively on the history of stone, application and market to establish a comprehensive understanding. Liu Liang pointed out that through such a stone culture and creativity park, you can "sum up the whole industry to do a general summary." He said, "the museum is divided into several major exhibition hall: show the evolution of stone from the evolution of the rock to the process of rock formation Geological museum, from the perspective of the classification of rock to tell people about stone expertise; human history museum is the time for the horizontal axis, from the stone from the Paleolithic era to the new era, to the modern society and other times play the role, It is widely used in all kinds of production and life and the close interaction between stone and human architecture, religion, military, science and technology culture in time and space order. In addition, there are stone library, the stone related books, samples To conduct a comprehensive collection, sorting, as a global stone resources for an intuitive and detailed introduction.
An industry analysts believe that the South China Sea in the head of the global stone material selection center, will bring together the world's best materials, the best design, the best products to create the best display mode, together with the designers together, will Stone, culture, design and other elements together to attract industry chain enterprises settled.
In Liu Liang view, culture and brand is a complementary thing. He said: "With the stone museum this way of culture, to explain the content of some of our stone products to improve the content of the product, value, especially the intrinsic value, thereby enhancing the brand's influence."
Supermarket mode or change the stone format
And the British stone museum is different, one-stop stone supermarket for the first time the introduction of the head. Different from the past, came to Nanan head of the business do not like the past to visit each of a variety of large board market, for several stone varieties everywhere than three, stone supermarket or one-stop to provide a solution.
"We supermarkets can wholesale a variety of styles of marble thick plate varieties, to provide a wealth of layout, size to the customer, procurement has a greater choice." Nanan Mindu stone supermarket general manager Yao Canhui told reporters that the past Nanan market prosperity, Hundreds of large plate market, the rapid expansion, but by the real estate and domestic economic slowdown and so on, many large board market due to the high cost of rent issues have been closed, which makes the business model more flexible concept of the supermarket came into being.
It is reported that stone supermarkets and stone market is different, mainly to sell a few single varieties, the products generally have the best-selling, quick features, supermarkets wholesale different varieties of goods, generally have several best-selling plate inventory , And the demand for segmentation.
Yao Canhui said that the stone supermarket not only do professional market, the cost of goods is also high, and even a single business to buy a few large plates will give the market price. "As with general merchandise supermarkets, stone supermarkets have to be inexpensive and at the same time to avoid inventory pressure." He said, "Our inventory pressure is small, mainly selling cash, and independent processing plants, self-employed Sales, according to the needs of customers to quantify production, production cycle flexibility.
It is reported that the current Nanan head 59 stone supermarket, 98 stone supermarket, 99 stone supermarket also run hot. For example, in the country has five branches of the 98 stone supermarket this year officially opened in the head branch.
Yao Canhui said that with independent stone processing plant is also the advantage of the supermarket, so that on behalf of the processing plant processing, then some of the chips due to the high value of cutting will be idle and cause waste, will lose a payment to the cost of processing plants, and Independent processing plants can not only control the production process, quality, the cost will be reduced due to mass production. He said: "At present Mindu stone processing plant is equipped with six marble sawing professional processing plate.
Analysis of the industry, stone supermarket is a new marketing concept, the slowdown in the development of the industry under the status quo, changing the past large inventory pressure, the future of small and light positioning of the supermarket model or can change the shape of the retail industry.