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Premier Li Keqiang signed a new regulation, October 1 implementation! Environmental protection departments no longer willing to pay a single ticket on the seal!
Publish:2017-08-25   view:13093

Published: 2017-08-23 & nbsp; Author: China Stone Network

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has signed the State Council Decree No. 682 and promulgated the Decision of the State Council on Amending the Regulations on the Administration of Environmental Protection of Construction Projects (hereinafter referred to as the "Decision"), which came into effect on October 1, 2017!

Even if you are busy, please also take 30 seconds to see!

The Prime Minister stressed that these costs are free! Do not allow a penny again!
- Xinhua News Agency, CCTV news
"Audit, approval of the construction project environmental impact report, the environmental impact report form and the record of environmental impact registration form, shall not charge any fees.
That is, on October 1, all the national environmental impact assessment-related applications, audits, statements, and so the cost is all free!
and! The government must notify the construction unit of the written opinion within 10 days from the date of submission of the environmental impact report and the environmental impact report form. If the notice is overdue, it shall be regarded as the examination and approval agreement.
In other words, as long as your company, your small factory submitted to the EIA report, the government departments must reply within ten days, otherwise regarded as audit consent!
For the environmental protection department, this may be just a small ticket, but for many small factories, this is the hundreds of hundreds of families of the economic source of the pillars!
A seal is likely to break all of their posterior ...
These enterprises, units, factories, to congratulate you!
In the past millions of small factories, small factories, small companies have been some black heart of environmental protection departments for a variety of reasons, all kinds of ways all kinds of obstacles! They are not fixed directly on the ticket, the seal!

But from October 1, these phenomena will be completely changed!